Hyperion RPG Dice Roller

Apr 03, 2021

Demo[1]: AWS

A quick 2-day project for the bank holiday. A shared/live dice roller for my group's new RPG campaign (which uses the Genysys/Star Wars RPG dice).


It uses next.js, tailwind-jit, and firebase to present a thematic and easy to use RPG dice experience, with easy to read buttons and readouts, summarised/tallied human readable outputs (such as "2 success, 2 advantage"), and the ability for all players connected to the URL to see the results of all of the players' rolls in real-time.

  1. firebase disabled on public demo for security reasons ↩︎

Source code (MIT licensed):

Shared dice roller for RPGs compatible with the FFG SWRPG / Genesys systems - lewiji/hyperion-dice
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